Last updated: June 18, 2018

  1. Why are you having an ICO?

    To rollout the BlockClick platform, that will utilize our token to track digital advertising campaigns using a decentralised solution.

  2. What is the problem BlockClick is solving?

    BlockClick is solving the problem of fraud in digital media, as well as securing payment for digital advertisers. By storing impression, click and conversion events on the blockchain we are adding trust & transparency to digital media transactions. With the BlockClick payment platform, advertisers, digital marketing network providers, and publishers will all be able to track value and guarantee a degree of transparency not yet achieved in the digital marketing space.

  3. Do you have a Prototype?

    Yes. You can find the prototype here: https://prototype.blockclick.io

  4. Where is BlockClick based and where is it registered?

    BlockClick is based and registered in Australia.

  5. Who is behind BlockClick?

    The team has a combined experience of over 40 years in digital media and online marketing. Find more information in the “Teams” section of our website. https://www.blockclick.io/

  6. Do you have competitors?

    No. We are not creating a blockchain facing affiliate marketplace like others. BlockClick is providing a robust blockchain-infused payment platform working in conjunction with a multiplicity of decentralized (DApps) to reduce fraud in the digital marketing industry.

  7. This is my first ICO, how do I buy Cryptocurrency?

    You can message one of our Admins in the Telegram Group and they will be happy to assist you. https://t.me/blockclickgroup

  8. How does the Ethereum wallet/keys work? Do I actually have a local wallet?

    Yes, for the ICO you will have an online wallet where you can transfer BitCoin or Ether in order to participate in the token sale. As part of our roadmap we will be building a BlockClick wallet to hold BLOK and MEDIA tokens on our platform.

  9. What is an ERC20 Token? Is your token an ERC20 Token?

    Yes, our token is an ERC20 token. An ERC20 token is a token that is launched on the Ethereum Blockchain and can be held in a ERC20 compatiabile wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Ledger or Trezor.

  10. What is the minimum or maximum amount I can invest?

    The minimum investment is 1 ETH. There are no caps on investment limits.

  11. When will you be listed on exchanges?

    It is our priority to be on exchanges shortly after the Token Sale concludes. We are already in talks to list on top 10 exchanges.

  12. What are the chances that after the ICO your tokens will fall in price?

    We are subject to market forces like any other crypto asset.

  13. Where can I see the Lloyds of London insurance policy?

    This will be available soon after the completion of the ICO.

  14. How will you use raised proceeds?

    We will use raised proceeds to build out our platform, development roadmap and fund marketing of the service.

  15. What security measures are being taken in order to prevent thefts, hacks etc

    Our infrastructure is hosted on (AWS) Amazon Web Services with our DNS running through Route53 (to help protect against DNS & DDoS attacks). We also utilize the use of Elastic Load Balancers (for load balancing and to help prevent DDoS attacks) & (WAF) Web Application Firewalls (to help protect against DDoS attacks, backdoors, common script injection and exploit techniques). You can also setup 2-factor authentication for your account and user session logs are enforced so that you can see who and when someone is accessing your account. Our smart contract has been externally audited by numerous 3rd parties to ensure vulnerabilities are minimized. Multiple multi-sig storages with customizable security are offered for each users’ wallet.

  16. What are your social media channels?

    You can follow BlockClick on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium and Reddit.